It’s ok to take care of yourself Mama

Do you ever find yourself lost in the ebb and flow of life? Like the tide, one minute you do this, the next you do that. But why? Do you ever question why? Some places in our lives we just "take life as we come.." sometimes we even change things when we are happy with... Continue Reading →


So what if their searching?

Firstly, I have not blogged in FOREVER. And maybe I will blog about why later. Today I want to write a experience I had while going to my first concert. Yes, I am almost 25 and going to my FIRST concert. And I shared that experience with my Hubby (as the tickets were his birthday... Continue Reading →

Knowing where you are… 

Where are you?  Not your location physically. Where are you as a person?  No, not where you WANT to be... although it's good to have goals. But, what I want to know is- where are you RIGHT NOW?  Are you uncomfortable with it? Do you wish you were somewhere else? Or are you enjoying it?... Continue Reading →

Please consider the following..

I have been brewing on this blog for awhile now. First going through the emotions I usually do prior to a blog posting... (for some it may be different) first it's frustration, then wanting to react harshly, then reclusive thoughts, then gentle guidance from God to the right reaction..which then leads to an epiphany. But... Continue Reading →

Motherhood is Lonely

Motherhood. Beautiful.. Frustrating.. Precious.. Tiring.. Wonder-filled.. Lonely.. And I know some think being with your child 24hrs a day, how could you mean lonely?! Or even, You have your Husband don't you?! And my answer would be Yes, and I love their company. I really do! But, I know other Mama's must agree? Motherhood is... Continue Reading →

Mama with a sword

Some might see this title and feel those two things would never be put in the same sentence together. Maybe some see Mama's with only sweet and "Mommy things" in their, Mama with a spatula. or Mama with a bottle. Mama with a mini van. or even Mama taking AWAY a sword out of... Continue Reading →

Dear Pre-Mama Self,

Hello! This is your future self writing to you to answer some questions of your heart and head about what life will be like with a child. Its been almost exactly a year since the double lines. And in a way, I wish I truly could send this letter to you, but then where would... Continue Reading →

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